Kit Contents
1 – Hoodliner/Hood Insulator
6 – Push Pin Retainers
1 – Installation INstruction

Tools Required
Phillips Screw Driver
0r J387789 Door Trim Clip Remover or Equivalent

Under Hood liner – C7 (2014+) Corvette
Part Number 23445786

Removal Procedure

1.   Raise the hood.
2.   Using a Philips screwdriver remove the two screws (1) from the air extractor. Retain screws for installation.
3.   Insert a flat plated tool/trim tool under each corner of the hood extractor (2) applying light outward pressure to release the four metal clip retainers and remove hood extractor.

4.   Using a J 38778 tool or equivalent, remove and discard the hood insulator push pin retainers (1).
5.   Lift hood insulator (3) and slide the two tabs (2) out of the hood slots. Remove hood insulator.

Installation Procedure

1.   Position the accessory hood insulator (3) to the hood and slide the two tabs (2) into the hood slots.
2.   Install the six new hood insulator push pin retainers (1) until fully seated.

Note: These retainers are one time use and need to be replaced during installation.