We strive for the best quality for the price. Every project starts with a brand-new part, shipped directly from the factory.
Our paint and body pros, hand sand and prep the parts before artwork is applied.
Much detail is taken while executing airbrush art work for the best desired outcome.
If applicable, the final coat of clear is wet sanded and buffed for a show quality shine.

We are proud of our quality and we know you will be pleased with the final product.


General FAQ

Q: If my Hoodliner gets dirty, can i clean it?
A: YES. The Composite Fiberglass Hoodliners can ge cleaned with a microfiber cloth towel and detail-er spray or your choice of cleaner.
The fabric hoodliners can also be cleaned with a cloth towel, by lightly brushing over the artwork. Please be gentle

Q: Will my hoodliner hold up against high heat?
A: YES. Under normal circumstances, the hoodliner will be fine after normal daily driving. Even a hot day and heavy travel the art work should be fine.
HOWEVER it is NOT suggested that the hoodliner be installed while driving off road or in high water areas. Driving in light rain is fine.
Our Suggestion: If you want the longest life out of your hoodliner, install for events and remove on track days, road trips or rough weather.

Q: Do the hoodliners have a sealant?
A: Yes. All hoodliners from BLAST AIRBRUSH have a final seal that protects the color.
The composite fiberglass hoodliners (recommended) are sealed with a clear coat that can be washed with the car.

Q: Will my Engine Cover hold up against high heat?
A: Yes. The engine covers form BLAST AIRBRUSH are painted with high temp paints. Although they are not indestructible, they will withstand the heat of engine under normal driving/event circumstances.  It is not recommended for track days or extensive travel.

Q: Does BLAST AIRBRUSHED items have a warranty?
A: No. Due to the nature of the airbrushed items (exposure to high temps and extreme condition) the airbrushed items have no warranty. Some other non airbrushed items, do however have warranties. See individual item details.